Circular 2A / 2013 – October


With the aim to improve the safety at Port of Castellon, the Port Authority has developed a brief dossier specifically addressed to Captains. Being aware that the more information provided to Captains before they call the Port, the better communication and coordination of activities can be achieved; the Port Authority has structured the dossier in a way that it is easy to access and understand.

This dossier contains subjects such as:

  • General information of the port: the dossier indicates the Port ID number, the UN locator code, a description of port facilities, its latitude and longitude and the port facility Security Level.
  • Port Control: this section points out the maritime security points of contact and telephone numbers, as well as radio channels.
  • Safety Rules: to whom and how should be addressed the notifications of accidents and incidents at sea, such as collisions, ME failure, pollution incidents, etc.
  • Evacuation Guide: it refers to instructions in case of a sector alert (a warning related to an activity) or in case of sector emergency (by means of a discontinuous acoustic signal or siren), and where to go in case of partial evacuation by land or by sea. It also identifies evacuation signs and meeting points in case of evacuation by land, as well as embarkation points in case of evacuation by sea. A complete plan is also provided for evacuation purposes.
  • Map of the Port of Castellon and Port of Grao and
  • Telephone Directory: with contact details for Harbor Master of Castellon, City Police Station, Civil Defense, Civil Guard (GRAO), Firefighters, Hospital, Local Mayor`s Office, Port Authority of Castellon, State Police for Immigration matters, Tele Taxi and Town Hall of Castellon.

The dossier containing all this information can be consulted in the following link:

As local P&I Correspondents and Maritime Law Office we remain available should you have any enquiry or require any assistance at Port of Castellon or any other Spanish Ports.