November 13th 2006


The founder of our company, Cristina Martínez Ribas, resigned from Independent Correspondents & Maritime and Transport Services, S.L. at the end of September 2006 to join the Secretariat and Legal Department of the Port Authority of Barcelona.

Before her departure, Cristina has ensured to leave the company with competent staff, not only genuinely independent, but also genuinely interested in the Maritime Industry, devoted and committed to the profession and to the task, with a receptive mind and good communication skills, having been previously trained by us to have a proactive working style and an open and flexible approach with a taste for solving problems.

Our aim is to continue providing an independent claims and survey service to the Maritime Shipping Sector at the port of Barcelona, and at all other Spanish ports where independent advise is needed, through our network of local and independent experts. And, of course, with the aid of our colleagues from Marseilles, Eltvedt & O’Sullivan.